Consultation: FREE with Wax Removal or £25*


One Ear: £60


Two Ears: £80


Removal of a Foreign Body: £80


Medical Treatment (Active Infection): £150


Home Visits: £200 (Offers available for group booking)

*Excluding children under 14 years

  • What is Microsuction?
    MicroSuction gets its name because we use Microscope lenses to get a good view of the ear canal and a delicate Suction device to gentle remove any wax in the ears.
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  • Why DeWAXify?
    What is Ear Wax? Why do we have it? Why it can cause hearing problems? Click to find out more
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  • Prices
    Consultation FREE with dewax, find more about our pricing
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  • FAQs
    Have a question ? Maybe we already have the answer for you, check out our frequently asked questions section
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